About us

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All Action Wear International is committed to the personal protective equipment industry and considers itself a market leader in this field.

All action Wear cc was formed in 1997 as a manufacturer and supplier of body amour to Military, Paramilitary and security forces.

With the company’s high degree of technical expertise and an unrivalled reputation for excellent quality, the company rapidly became a market leader in South Africa and is the supplier of choice for many government departments and private security companies.

In January 2004 All Action Wear International was formed to take our products and our extensive knowledge and expertise to the International market.

With competitive pricing and uncompromising quality, All Action Wear International has become one of South Africa’s most internationally active body amour manufacturer, and has since developed a strong network of agents and representatives worldwide.

Much of the company’s success is based on its in-depth understanding of client’s needs, a willingness to design to meet custom requirements, and its continued close interaction with clients and key suppliers in the long-term.

The company has now expanded its product base to include de-mining aprons, bomb blankets and soft amour vehicle kits.

A strong collaboration with major international supply partners keeps the company abreast of latest technologies, while sophisticated in-house research and development programs apply those technologies to products. Comprehensive field testing ensures that our products are not only technologically superior but also work reliably with maximum durability.

Taking performance, life-cycle cost and ergonomics into account, the company’s design team has created a new range of products, which take protection technology to its present limit.

  • Our range has increases and includes all EOD, IED and associated products in this field.
  • By drawing on our vast experience in this industry and our continued commitment to supplying a quality product at an affordable price we continue to grow internationally and look forward to being of service to you.
  • Our commitment to the clients is we will individualize items to suit your needs
  • All Action wear international range carries a 10 year warrantee.


Please feel free to contact us with any enquiry for personal protective equipment.