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Delux body protection

Delux body protection

Specialised Armour Solutions for Personal Protective Equipment


All Components of a riot helmet shall be permanently attached to one another. A riot helmet shell consists of

  1. a hard outer shell made form fiberglass
  2.  a means of absorbing impact energy
  3. a retention system
  4. a visor, and
  5. a neck curtain

The outer surface shall be smoothly finished. Above the reference place, the shape shall be in the form of a continuos, convex curve. Below the reference plane, irregularities in the curve shall be smoothly faired.

A cradle shall be fitted to the inside of the riot helmet and shell consist of a least 6 straps that form a hammock supporting the riot helmet on the wearer’s head. A headband that allows the inside circumference to be adjusted to a size within the range 500 -640 mm shall be fitted to the cradle.


  1. The retention system shall be a chin strap that is Y-Shaped where it is anchored to the shell.
  2. The chin strap shall be at least 19 mm wide when measured under to longitudinal tensile maintain tension.
  3. The system shall be so constructed that when the strap is properly fastened through the adjuster, the riot helmet cannot be readily dislodged from its normal position on the wearer’s head.

A visor shall be at least 370 x133 x 2.5 mm shall be attached to the shell with screw and lock nuts. The visor can be swiveled at 180 degrees with ratching attachment made from polycarbonate. On the top of the visor a silicon seal shall be fitted to prevent any liquids to run into the face. In addition, the material shall be such that the visor is ultra-violet stabilized and transparent.

The helmet shall have an extended padded neck curtain, of leather and of length at least 100 mm, that is permanently attached to the shell.

In order to enable the helmet to withstand rough handling, the edges of the shell be protected by a beading. The beading shall be of width at least 10 mm on both the inside and outside of the shell.

The headband shall be fitted with a sweatband that hands an effective width of at least 50 mm when in position on the forehead.

The shell of a riot helmet shall have a mat or glossy finish.