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EOD – The Exo-Sting

EOD – The Exo-Sting

Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD)

The Exo-Sting® LM-100

The Exo-Sting® system consists of a Pre-Charged Deflagration Cartridge which has a custom formulated pyrotechnic composition with an integrated Electric Igniter. Supplied together with the cartridge is a Disposable Operational Stand onto which it can be placed over a Landmine or UXO at a predetermined standoff distance and a Triggering Device to fire the unit at a safe distance. The LM-100 Cartridge is the smallest within the product range and is capable of penetrating 3mm thick mild steel therefore suitable for metal and plastic landmines as well as other thin skin unexploded ordnance.
Stands are supplied in a free (flat and straight) configuration of which the legs can be manipulated by hand or by means of bending and cutting using hand tools such as pliers, side cutters etc. to create a stand that can be positioned over a Landmine or UXO whilst interfacing with the surrounding area that usually is not flat.

The Exo-Sting Catalogue
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