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Lion alcolmeter

Lion alcolmeter

Lion alcolmeter® 600

Breath alcohol tester

A multi-function breath alcohol analysis instrument, with advanced data-logging !

The wholly new lion alcolmeter® 600 is a powerful tool for use in road traffic law enforcement, commercial health and safety programs, and in various areas of medicine …

  • Advanced Data Logging Function – use the icon-driven, touch-screen display system, or the navigation pad, to enter data relating to the test, for storage and printout.
  • Multi-Sampling Modes
    • Active – using a mouthpiece, for accurate measurement of the subject’s alcohol level; or using a sampling cup for a quick precursory test, just to see if alcohol is present.
    • Passive – hold the 600 in front of the subject’s mouth and press the Sample button when they speak. Within seconds the display shows whether alcohol is present or not.
    • Container Testing – check a suspect fluid or container for the possible presence of illicitly added alcohol.
  • Fast Response and Recovery Times – after sampling the alcohol reading is shown within seconds. Then after just a short wait the instrument is ready to test the next subject.
  • GPS Function [optional feature] – the exact location [to within 10 meters] of every breath test is recorded in memory.


Lion alcolmeter® 600 Catalogue
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