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RS3-SX camera

RS3-SX camera

RS3-SX – Next Generation Body Worn Evidence

RS3-SX is an all in one, weatherproof, full high definition video recorder with articulated camera and integrated evidence management software, RS3-SX is truly a next generation body worn camera system.
The RS3-SX system has a number of unique features with the most significant ones being the fully articulated camera, integrated software and front-facing screen.

RS3-SX’s unique camera articulation enables many more scenarios than other body worn cameras. It accommodates wearers of all shapes and sizes so that they film evidence, not someone’s shoes. By turning the camera around, it can also be used in-car, for handheld inspections and table-top for interviews etc. Simply unclip the camera from the mount and onto the uniform, and vice versa.

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RS3-SX Body Worn Camera Catalogue
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